Do Accessibility Overlays Work?

Do Accessibility Overlays Work? Accessibility overlays sit “on top” of existing websites and source code. They allow each user to adjust the website according to their needs making it accessible to them. They work by implementing a code to change various site elements making them usable by tens of millions of people with and without disabilities.  Some… Read more Do Accessibility Overlays Work?

How Do I Test My Website for Accessibility?

How do I Test my Website for Accessibility? Testing your website for accessibility means you care about inclusion and want to open your site’s content, connections, and commerce to millions of additional people. It helps you uncover previously hidden accessibility issues, implement fixes, and produce a better website.  Why should you test your site for accessibility? It… Read more How Do I Test My Website for Accessibility?

What is an Accessibility Overlay?

What is an accessibility Overlay? You may have heard of an “overlay” when reading about websites and improving accessibility. In this context, an “overlay” is a solution that “sits” on top of a website. It changes how someone can view and interact with that site without changing its source code. It modifies the code of a… Read more What is an Accessibility Overlay?