What is an Accessibility Overlay?

What is an accessibility Overlay?

You may have heard of an “overlay” when reading about websites and improving accessibility. In this context, an “overlay” is a solution that “sits” on top of a website. It changes how someone can view and interact with that site without changing its source code. It modifies the code of a web page through a plugin, app, widget, or toolbar. 

Accessibility overlays offer people with disabilities a chance to customize their website experiences to align with their specific needs. For example, a site full of images, colors, and movements may be overwhelming for a person with ADHD, which will most likely cause them to click out pretty fast from the website to avoid this inconvenience. 




With an overlay, this person can stop the animations, deem the colors, and use more options that will allow them to complete the action they came to the site for, whether it’s reading the news or purchasing a product.

Small and mid-size Businesses

Accessibility overlays are essential for small and mid-size businesses that often-run websites not built to the latest accessibility standards. Reworking these sites from the ground up requires massive investments in people and capital, and many small and mid-size businesses do not have the necessary budget. Unfortunately, this scarcity of resources can limit the company’s usage by anyone with a disability and can open it to legal exposure. 

With the accessibility overlay, firms can utilize a cost-effective and efficient solution that helps people with disabilities to use a site that might otherwise not be available. It offers a range of changes that improve accessibility and allow users to change fonts, stop site animations, adjust contrast, and perform similar actions. 

The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Among many other options, accessibility overlays offer screen reader optimization and keyboard navigation adjustments, which are two persistent challenges for delivering a better user experience. 


However, some overlay providers do not offer a sophisticated and lasting solution. These companies provide tools that might adjust the look and feel of your website, or they only work for a handful of pages or only adjust design functions or the UI. They also aren’t built for continual improvement. Instead, they’re applied to the situation at a current point in time and remain static. 

Do your research and find

overlay solutions that use sophisticated AI to create inclusive user experiences – that continually monitor clients’ sites and automatically adjust to any changes. This way, users will have a constantly refreshed experience,
and site owners will have a compliant and more usable site. 

Protect your clients

Companies that use AI and computer vision technology to review a site’s components, accurately identify various functions, and adjust them according to the latest accessibility standards – can help protect their clients. Most importantly, they make more of the web usable and enjoyable to more people.